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Here’s Our Story

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The Pin Mill Studio was established in 2004 by Anthony Cullen and Brett Williams, two young photographers who had moved out of London to raise their young families and wanted a local base for their studio work. They found the former chandlery and sail loft in a semi-derelict state and set about transforming it into their studio and arts space.  The building, adjacent to the famous Alma Cottage, from Arthur Ransome's We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea, had been a sail loft for Thames Barges for centuries and was later a  chandlery, complete with petrol pump on the forecourt, until the early 1990s.

Sadly Brett died from a brain tumour in 2008, shortly before his 40th birthday. 

Anthony continues to run The Studio  - it is a beautiful place and will go on inspiring and encouraging photographers and artists, hopefully for many years to come.

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